The Flores lab is hiring!

Positions for a research assistant and a postdoctoral fellow are open.

Research assistant - Full time - Molecular methods


Summary of position: 

The laboratory of Dr. Cecilia Flores at McGill University is looking for a full time Research Assistant with experience in molecular biology methods to join her dynamic translational research group


Description of tasks: 

  • Perform molecular biology experiments

  • Perform basic lab experiments


Required qualifications: 

Bachelor degree or equivalent


Required skills: 

  • Experience working with quantitative molecular biology methods

  • Excellent organizational skills


Required abilities: 

  • Able to work independently and take initiative

  • Good interpersonal communication skills

Location of work:

Douglas Research Centre

Work schedule:

35 hours/week


Depending on experience & in accordance with the Douglas Institute guidelines.

Instructions for submitting application:

Send CV to Mira Thakur at

Postdoctoral fellow

The laboratory of Dr. Cecilia Flores at McGill University (Department of Psychiatry)
has an opening position for a postdoctoral fellow. The research project concerns
cellular and molecular mechanisms by which social defeat stress in adolescence
disrupts brain development in males and females. This position is for a highly
motivated individual with interest in translational research and with experience in
behavioral testing in rodents and programing skills. Experience in
neurodevelopmental biology and/or neuroendocrinology is an asset. Applicants
should have a PhD in neuroscience or neurobiology and a strong publication
Interested individuals should send a curriculum vitae and the names/e-mails/phone
numbers of three people who could provide letters of reference by email to Mira
Thakur ( and cc
For additional information please visit our webpage

Congratulations to Andrea on her Thesis defense!


More news!

March 2022: Jose Maria's latest paper to be published in Molecular Psychiatry is now in press! Corticolimbic DCC gene co-expression networks as predictors of impulsivity in children.


Featured in:

January 2022: Philip's latest paper to be published in eNeuro is now in press!! Custom-built operant conditioning setup for calcium imaging and cognitive testing in freely moving mice

December 2021: Congratulations to Angelica Torres-Berrio for winning first place at the Leo and Rachel Hendlisz Award Competition for her article: miR-218 in Adolescence Predicts and Mediates Vulnerability to Stress.

October 2021: Dr. Flores received research funding from Bombardier and the Douglas Foundation for the project: Circulating miRNA Profiles as Predictors of Depression Risk in Adolescence. Congratulations!

July 2021: Alice Morgunova's latest paper to be published in Neuropsychopharmacology is now IN PRESS!! MicroRNAs as Promising Peripheral Sensors of Prefrontal Cortex
Developmental Trajectory and Psychiatric Risk. 

July 2021: Congratulations to Jose Maria for winning a presentation prize at the Douglas Special Scientific Symposia!